Trench Roller Stands

Heavy duty low level stands for pipe feeding

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These Pipe Support Rollers have been specially designed to combat the problems of handling pipes during jointing and installation. They greatly reduce the chances of pipe damage as a result of the pipe being trailed along the ground and keep pipe drag to a minimum.

Pipe Support Rollers are available in two styles; ‘Free Standing’ or ‘In Trench’.

Free Standing Rollers

The Free Standing Roller comprises of fixed height ‘Vee’ formation of two rubber covered rollers mounted in a robust powder coated steel frame.

Three sizes are currently available; Standard for pipes from 63mm to 355mm, Medium 250mm to 630mm and Large 500mm to 1200mm.

In-Trench Roller

Utilising the same design of ‘Vee’ formation rubber coated rollers as the Free Standing Roller,

 the In-Trench Roller is mounted on a trench brace that is adjustable from 0.5 metre to 0.9 metre 

width. Extensions are available to accommodate wider excavations. The In-Trench Roller can be positioned at any angle or point on the brace to enable the pipe to be guided in a trench for all 

insertion techniques. The In-Trench Roller is available in to suit pipes in the size range 63mm to 355mm

Features and Advantages

  • Extremely robust
  • Free standing or In-trench options
  • Differing trench widths accomodated
  • Multi positional
  • Rubber coated rollers minimise pipe damage
  • Three sizes available to suit pipes from 63mm to 1200mm



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