Pipe Stands

'Fixed' and 'Folding Tri-Stands

Our Fixed Pipe Stands are the best on the market, constructed from box section for strength and safety. Our Folding Pipe Stands are designed with folding legs for easy storage and transportation, these are also constructed from box section, giving identicle strength and performance as our fixed stands.

Pipe Size Capacity: 1"-12" (Optional up to 24")
Pipe Load Capacity: 1. Ton / 1,000kg / 2,200lbs
Height Adjustable: 27"-48" (69-122cm)

Our pipe stands are avaliable with a choice of slip-on or interchangeable head styles for rotation or transferal movement of pipe and plate. Our range of pipe stands are the cost effective solution to any pipe handling problem   

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Duo Stands

The Duo Pipe Stands are height adjustable and use the quick 'change' self centering style heads, which can be locked to hold the pipe in position.

Pipe Size Capacity: 2"-48"
Pipe Load Capacity: 2 Ton / 2,400kg / 5,300lbs
Height Adjustable: 27"-48" (69-122cm)

Roller wheel heads are available for rotation and ball bearing heads for transferral movement of both carbon and stainless steel pipe.

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Quattro Stands

Pipe Size Capacity: 1"-36"
Pipe Load Capacity: 1.225 Ton/1,225kg/2,700lbs
Height Adjustable: 27"-43" (69-110cm)

The Quattro Pipe Stands are the solution to heavy duty pipe handling. They can be supplied with lockable castor wheels so pipe can be moved around a workshop or site, without using a crane or forklift. Head styles are available for rotational or transferral movement.

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Floor/Bench Mounted Pipe Stands
Pipe Load Capacity: 2.45 Ton/2,450kg/5,400lbs
Pipe Size Capacity: 2"-48"

These stands are designed to be either floor or bench mounted. Available with 4 head styles to suit pipe from 1" to 48". The floor/ bench stands can be used for pipe rotation, transferral movement, or both using the ball transfer head option. Nylon wheels are also available when working with stainless steel and other exotic materials to prevent contamination.

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Specialist Pipe Stands

The UNO STAND is a basic single tubed pipe stand, simple to use and easy to set up. 

The Tri Stand with Chain Vice provides a Simple but effective solution to small bore pipe handling in the field. 

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Pipe Buggies

The Safe and Easy way to transport pipe around the job site 

The Pipe Buggy offers a safe method of handling and moving pipes around the workshop or site easily, avoiding damage to the pipe as a result of it being dragged along the ground. At only 31.8 Kg it is a light weight yet robust solution to pipe  handling problems. With its innovative handle and ratchet strap it allows  the operator to lift the pipe from the floor onto the buggy with minimal effort.

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Rotary Earth Clamp

No more tangled earth leads

A simple yet effective device eliminates earth lead twisting, tangling and unneccesary wear. Provides a stable earth for circumferential welding of pipes and fittings and eliminates poor quality welds resulting from bad earth connections

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